Radical Orthodoxy

I think Jesus was orthodox in that He came “to fulfill the law” in all the age-old and essential ways.  However, He was not orthodox to His contemporaries.  They regarded His teaching as something new – because they had misconceived age-old and essential truth.  I find it useful to refer to two orthodoxies – the one the establishement thinks is orthodox at any particular time, and a radical, true orthodoxy that goes to the age old, essential root of the story.   “Radical” literally means of the root, but to those who have confused human distortions with the Truth, what is of the root appears disconcerting, new, and heretical.

By adopting a description of “radical orthodoxy” for myself I am wanting to highlight my belief that current Christian orthodoxy is a long way from what the Early Church believed, as judged from what is in our Bibles today.

I hope it will suffice for now if I affirm my belief in the Nicene and Apostle’s Creeds.  In particular, I believe  in a Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), in Jesus of Nazareth as the Second Person of the Trinity, in the authority of Biblical cannon, in miracles and bodily resurrection.