Unusual Elements

A cohesive understanding of Scripture and life can be found by combining these unusual elements*:

Pacifism – rejection of any and all justification for war and lethal force.

Girard – the work of cultural anthropologist, Rene Girard, especially regarding the meaning and real nature of “sacrifice” – more

Creation – the universe is young and has degenerated from its original perfection (more)

Partial Preterism – the many warnings of Jesus for the nation of Israel were mostly fulfilled in the events, and aftermath, of the Roman-Jewish war (AD 67-73).  (more)

Biblical Universalism – the teaching in the Bible that all will be reconciled to God eventually.

The Cross’s function being primarily revelatory – the Cross draws us to God primarily by showing us both His true nature and ours.

Actual – not ‘imputed’ – righteousness / “Justification” as personal transformation.

Living under Grace (by faith), not under Law (by works)

Mercy, not Sacrifice – the idea that Mercy and Sacrifice are essentially not, and never really have been, complementary; rather they are complete opposites.

True justice never involves revenge – human criminal is not real justice, despite universal cultural blindness about this fact.


*  they are unusual in that relatively few Christians believe any one of them;  increasingly smaller numbers of Christians believe any two of them, or any three of them, etc.