Kingdom of God

This Menu Item / Section and the next* form a complementary whole.  Both sections are a seeking for inspired ways for humanity to live on the earth – let’s call that seeking utopia.

This section, entitled the “Kingdom of God”, covers certain, well-known theoretical conundrums against the realisation of utopia.  Some of these conundrums come from the religious sphere and others from the secular sphere – hence there is a subsection for each of those spheres.  The other subsection, which I have placed as first of the three, explains my version of the Kingdom of God as opposed to various other versions, secular as well as religious.

We can’t go for long with any theoretical discussion without beginning to talk of actual practical issues, just as reflection and action are dependent processes in the concept-practice of praxis.  (So if my placement of one topic or another might seem arbitrary – never mind.)  I hope that categorising whether, in the first instance, a topic is expressed as a practical or theoretical problem will help both by bringing in some helpful order to what is a large body of debate, and as a one way to engage the reader.

So then, the three sub-sections of this section are:

  1. The basics (of the Kingdom of God, as I understand it),
  2. ‘Replacing religion’ – my attempts to replace/negate (what I consider unhelpful) utopian thinking contained in religion, and
  3.  ‘Replacing the secular’ – my attempts to replace/negate (what I consider unhelpful) utopian thinking contained in secular ideology).


* The previous section / Menu Item (Mercy, not sacrifice) covers certain, well-known practical obstacles to the realisation of a better world.