Welcome to Knowing God as a Pacifist!

I’m so glad you’ve visited and hope I can communicate the enormous love and peace of God I’ve found in Jesus – both for your sake and, through you, for the world around you!

The “Pacifist” in the title is two fold – both the God who is known and to the human being who knows God. Jesus revealed 2000 years ago both that God is a peace-lover par excellence and that we, His disciples, can and should live and die as pacifists!

In this site, I share little known aspects and perspectives on God the Creator, the Judge, the Redeemer, the Justifier and the Lover of Humanity. I also share little known perspectives on Humanity as unbelievers, sinners, tribalists, church, believers in God and as followers of Jesus. These little known and diverse perspectives are all based in Scripture and together form a new paradigm. Actually, I will argue that it’s really the original paradigm or worldview that the Apostles got from Jesus. In one sense, it is shocking that the Church would lose this essential message of Jesus to the degree it has. In another sense, it was only to be expected – we as fallen human beings tend to blur, distort and contradict the truth of God. But for those who will dig for the truth and strive to be free of universal human cultural blinkers, the radical old paradigm in this website is (more or less!) the plain meaning of Jesus and of His revelation in the whole Bible!

I’m not saying “Pacifism” is the whole truth of the Gospel – far from it. But pacifism – particularly  the choice to die to save one’s enemies – is the ultimate test of a person’s faith in the grace of God. Such voluntary sacrifice signifies that that person has been perfected in their faith. The redemption and transformation of their soul is complete. They have entered into their Master’s joy. They have been crucified to the world and the world has been crucified to them. They are free from all sin.

Can you and I get to such sublime spiritual and political heights as to voluntarily give up our lives? An emphatic yes there! Jesus came to deliver us from sin in just this way! His chosen strategy to achieve this in us is the Truth. The Truth sets us free from sin! The reason the Church is not more Christlike – or turning the world upside down in love for Jesus is simple – we lack truth. And we lack truth not because the Spirit is unwilling nowadays to lead us into all the truth (John 16:13a) but because we are unwilling to follow where the Spirit would lead us! So I pray that you would have the interest, the courage, the clarity and the faith to consider all that God has enabled me to write here!

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