Ordinary & Optimal Faith

Ordinary Faith and Optimal Faith

I have coined this terms and made up the distinction between them, where new, young and immature believers have “ordinary” faith, and the mature in the faith, whose faith has been refined by trials and good teaching have “optimal faith”.

Ordinary “faith”

Ordinary faith is about trusting in God for abundant life, including:

  • material benefits – Matt 6:33,
  • physical healing – Mark 10:51,
  • personal transformation Gal 5:5

Optimal faith

  • Optimal faith is about trusting out of love for God Himself and our appreciation of our need and delight to be immersed and inter-dwelling in Him. John 6:51, 57
  • Optimal faith is about Jesus’ example of faith in His Father, which we also can share and live by. Gal 2:20
  • Optimal faith is about understanding and being transformed by Jesus’ Gospel enough to be willing to follow Jesus own example of suffering for well-doing – 1 Peter 2:20-21, John 6:57


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