A hymn

Above the circle of the earth

It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers; who stretches out the heavens like a curtain, and spreads them like a tent to dwell in;  who brings princes to nothing, and makes the rulers of the earth as emptiness.  – Isaiah 40:22,23

(Sung to the tune of Ride On In Pomp & Majesty)


Above the circle of the Earth

Sits one who gave himself in love

A shameful death for us he died

Upon a cross was crucified


No worshipper of war believes

what He, a man of peace, did know

He did not shun a death to die

He knew that after grave is sky


Now since he died and rose again

The mystery of our God is known

He’s not a vengeful, hurtful God

But loves us dearly as His own


The gospel once so pure and clear

Is still revealed and still revered

God’s sacrifice so freely giv’n!

It quenches all the wrath of Man!


The anger of the Lord of all

Works righteousness in place of sin

A wondrous and a loving thing

It lasts a moment, then is gone!


The wrath of Man all havoc brings

– the violence of the ones who sin!

Who blame and kill, feel justified

Because they know not Him who died


Christ like a trusting lamb was slain

and blamed and shamed, though all divine!

For us He died, to change our ways

To open up your eyes and mine


A victim we will sometimes be

Of mad injustice clothed as light!

But do not fear your God is near

And death is but the end of Death!


And those still left when I have passed

The Comforter will bless and keep

And teach them all His holy ways

And lift their hearts and bring forth praise


To Him who sits above the Earth

Great majesty and love ascribe

– We who share in Adam’s death

Will rise to share our Jesus’ life!


With this great hope we venture forth

To live our lives in untold health

And we’ll oppose the “powers-that-be”

When victimizing ways we see.


So come Lord Jesus be our guest

Inhabit mind and word and breast

We will bring honour to our King

and humbly, as we serve and sing!


All glory to You Three-in-One

Above the circle of the Earth

You live down here among us when

We live like Christ, the “Son of Man”!


– Jub 6/6/2011


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