The Plasma model & Orthodoxy’s deafness

The Electric Sky  by Donald E. Scott

– excerpts from its Product Description:

“Can you make sense out of press releases and TV programs that attempt to explain the newest astronomical ‘discoveries’ – things like invisible dark energy, warped 11-dimensional spaces, and black holes that spit out matter? If not, you have lots of company.
The time to search for some realistic, intelligent, scientific answers has arrived. And those sensible answers are out there for those who are ready to listen – explanations of those answers are in this book.
Astronomers have been ignoring electrical activity in space for years. Their inability to generate sensible explanations for many observations made by state-of-the-art astronomical instruments demonstrates they need to study the properties of electrical plasma in the cosmos.
If, as we will claim, the causes of most of the observed phenomena of modern astronomy are electrical in nature, do you need a degree in electrical engineering before you can understand them? Indeed not. The average informed person can understand and make rational judgments about these ideas. All it requires is the time and patience to read and to think logically and critically about the issues. Some basic facts and a few new concepts will suffice. The main goal of this book is to convince you, the reader, that you really do have both the capability and responsibility to make informed, critical judgments about the pronouncements of establishment science. A careful reading of these pages will enable you to make an informed assessment of this new, simpler, plasma-based alternative cosmology.” (emphasis mine – Jub)

Editorial Review (also from

“You don’t have to be an astronomer to enjoy this book. It’s an exciting story about how a small group of physicists, engineers and other scientists have challenged the establishment, the big science astronomers who are reluctant to listen to anyone outside their own elite circle.“–Lewis E. Franks, PhD, Stanford University, Fellow of the IEEE (1977), Professor Emeritus and Head of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts (Retired) (emphasis mine – Jub)

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