Knowledge and Faith

Scientists and historians, like all of us in every endeavor, must apply their knowledge through their faith.   This is because a key difference between knowledge and faith is that knowledge applies to the past, whereas faith applies to the future.  For a topical example of this see:  Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Scientists and historians have particular knowledge of current processes which are/were observable in the present and recent/immediate past.  They use their judgement to make interpretations based on logic and probability (thus introducing a faith component into their theories).  They then exercise faith in their knowledge and interpretations when they make decisions about what to research further, and when engaged as consultants giving expert advice about real life problems.

In this way, both scientists and historians are like all of us, in that they no choice but to “live by faith”, using their best knowledge and wisdom to guide their belief-led decision-making.  The same is true in Christian belief.  We may interpret our experience in ways that equate with knowledge of God’s presence in the past, but each day we must trust Him afresh.

“..we know and believe the love which God has in us…” 1 John 4:16

(Concordant Literal Translation)]

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