Anyone or anything that has an effective answer to death has got to be worth listening to, don’t you think?  The Gospel claims such an answer in the bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

If the paradigm at this website is true, then we will all be resurrected in due course and then our lives will change radically!   There will be many former doubters, who following their deaths, will suddenly feel the need to review their whole understanding and philosophy of life on Earth.  How could they have so badly missed the essential truth of God?!  How kind He was in all their best experiences and in His discipline of them!

But we need not wait!  The paradigm at KGaaP (this website) – if it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ – could, here and now, allow a rethink of the selfishness and shortsightedness at the heart of individuals and nations.  This selfishness and short-sightedness is to me epitomized by people’s justification for killing: “it’s them or me!”  and “it’s them or us!”  Those who live by such mantras cannot even begin to conceive how lacking in faith in the goodness of God such statements are.

Jesus, by contrast would rather die than kill.  He said He could have called 12 legions of angels to save Himself (or just to get revenge!) but instead, accompanied by the One who was always with Him (John 8:29), He trusted the Faithful Creator.

How did the Father reward such faith?  By resurrection!!  It is my conviction that He’ll do the same for all who have the faith of Jesus!  Which, by the grace of God, will in the end, I suggest, be all of us!  Hallelujah!!!







2 Responses to Death

  1. davo says:

    Hi Jub any plans to write about your views of satan, the presence of evil in this world, and original sin? cheers, Davo

  2. davo says:

    Wont He resurrect everyone anyway, even if they don’t believe?

    The idea of the faith of Jesus..can we have the faith of Jesus? Cant we have faith in his faith in the Father? Therefore i dont have to rely on my pitiful faith..

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